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Gun Safety Course, Concealed Weapon Class. Armed Civilian Trainer For All Scenario Threats Simulator test.


The Pinnacle Pistol Orientation The Pinnacle Basic Firearms course is an introductory course to firearms safety and gun handling.  Topics covered are a hands-on introduction of safe gun handling, the parts and workings of the firearms, loading and unloading of a revolver and semi automatic, the fundamentals of shooting, and a brief explanation of cleaning of the pistol.  Also included in the course is one-on-one range time using 3 class guns, providing the practical application of the information given during class time.  The certificate received for completing this course can be used to apply for your concealed carry license. 

Note:  In this course we do not go into any detail on concealed carry.

Course Time 4 Hours - includes range time, use of our Firearms and Ammunition

Course Fee: $90

Course Dates: Monday at 2:30PM call to reserve your seat

(941) 244-6562