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Gun Safety Course, Concealed Weapon Class. "Armed Civilian Trainer Simulator"


This orientation will provide you with the information to receive your 
Florida Concealed Weapon Carry License. The Department of Agriculture requires you to submit proof of competency with a firearm in order to qualify for a concealed weapon license.

Pinnacle Firearms Training will provide you with high quality professional instruction and training to receive your certificate for firearm handling.

The knowledge you will gain by this Orientation:


Pinnacle Firearms Training provides FREE yearly Handgun safety class for students who have taken the Concealed Carry Orientation class. Call 941-244-6562 to register.

Check our F.A.Q. for more information regarding the refresher class.




Concealed Weapon License Orientation




  Click HERE for Reciprocity States PDF

It is important for license holders to understand that when they are traveling in or through another state they are subject to the firearm laws of that state. We have provided links to the state laws or to the licensing authorities' Web page of each of our reciprocity states so that licensees can do the necessary planning and research when preparing to travel.


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NON N.R.A. Orientation

Weekend Class is $75.00